Sweet Shop

James from Square Mile sent me some coffee last week.

Now... he's sent coffee before. And I've always liked it. In some cases a lot.

And the coffees of theirs I had in London were excellent.

But seriously. Nothing prepared me for this.

It was called Sweet Shop.
And it was amazing.

Sadly, this was a single batch. From a single day. And there is no more.

Sadly, because it was one of my favorite espressos ever.

It was one of the most heavily fruited espressos I've ever had - and not fruit in the thin sharp green way that you get some times. And not one massive single fruit flavor. No... this was a deep and rich and heavy and ridiculously sweet coffee with layers upon layers of different fruit. From blackberry molasses to cassis jellies. From pear hard candy to butterscotch toffee. From kumquat to raspberry to apricot to melon. It was all there. And all anchored by a spine of red wine and leather with a semi-sweet cocoa finish.

Absolutely stunning.

Not a coffee I'll soon forget.