the classic good news/bad news


i had a great shift yesterday. super good crew, handled a bad customer with ease and professionalism, turned out great drinks with style and aplomb... very fun indeed. then cupped a bunch of really amazing coffees (the Cup of Excellence Bolivia is so cool). then capped it off by spending some time at the climbing gym with two good friends who are visiting Portland and who we haven't seen for a long time.


while at the gym i fell awkwardly and it turns out i've broken my leg rather badly. i'll know more on Monday when i see the orthopedic surgeon.


i'm trying to keep my spirits up.


the social lives of baristas

it's been an amusing and enjoyable and fun weekend.

first - Friday evening (as is becoming more and more common) folks gathered at the downtown cafe. belgian beers, David Griswold's photos from Ethiopia, visitors from Zoka, Stumptown roasters, baristas, managers... tons of fun or too much fun?

second - Kyle and Stephen's housewarming party on Saturday. super fun! a keg of Celebration ale (thanks Duane), snacks and blender drinks, folks from every coffee bar of note in Portland and others down from Seattle, the crew from Barista Magazine. sadly Duane is on an origin trip in Colombia, but otherwise it was a full house.

it makes you wonder... is Portland becoming the new hot spot for US coffee?