Vancouver rules

Vancouver is now one of the only (or perhaps the only) place in the world where you can check out coffees from two of my favorite roasters.

Caffe Artigiano has long used coffees from Intelligentsia. This includes their crowd-favorite espresso blend Black Cat.

And now The Elysian Room is using coffees from The Stumptown (including our own favorite espresso - Hairbender).

I've always been a big fan of Vancouver. It's a beautiful city. There is some great food. People are incredibly nice. there is incredible access to the outdoors.
Between Artigiano, Elysian Room and the venerable JJ Bean it also has really good coffee.

I'm thinking I need to take a vacation soon...
i just returned from the doctor.

another good news bad news kind of day.
on the good side - i'm out of my cast and into an orthopedic boot air cast kind of robo thing. i can take it off to bathe (aaahhhh).
on the bad side - i'm still on the crutches for another 3 or so weeks. i've still got one vertical fracture that hasn't healed up.

but it looks like i might be able to walk a bit and stand and pull shots a bit (in the robo boot) at the SCAA show and i could well be back behind the bar with a few weeks after that.