sad day arrives

i told the employees today that i'm leaving.
really sad moment for me.
of course - with perfect timing a plumbing fitting on the intake line to the espresso machine cracked, sending me into a total tizzy.
stress -- through the roof.


it's weird... knowing i'm in my last days as a barista at Spellbinder, but not able to tell anyone. i really wish that the owners hadn't requested i wait to tell folks.

i don't know if i'll be a barista after then next few weeks. it's a strange, and sad, feeling. i love the job. i'm going to miss it. a lot.

i guess i should think about getting a home espresso machine. but it's just not going to be the same.

or maybe someone will want to open a high-end, gourmet espresso bar in the Eastern Sierra.

work today was bittersweet as a result. the espresso was pulling beautifully - thick, rich, spicy with a strong dark chocolate note. the volume of crema was awesome, the tiger striping to die for. but the whole time i'm thinking, one less shot i'll pull - one less drink i'll build.


anyone looking for a skilled barista?

yup... i'd love to find a new gig. actually... i need to find a new gig as my old gig is all but over (two weeks to my last day and counting).

i'm a skilled barista, well trained (by David Schomer and by Aaron de Lazzer) and passionate about coffee, espresso and the job.

i'm a member of the BGA.

i've been a barista, a barista trainer, a head barista and a coffee bar manager.

i've got good business skills, decent management skills and can pour acceptable latte art.
i'm willing to relocate for the right gig.

well... given that i live in the Eastern Sierra -- i probably will have to relocate for any gig. sigh...
now that EspressoFinger has (for me at least) run its course, this is my new venue, my new forum, my new therapy.

me... in happier days...

oh, i wrote up a huge diatribe/manifesto about the espresso industry. there is an interesting thread about it on the BGA forum. check it out.