Nordic Barista Cup

I´m sitting in Iceland after a long long day or two (to be honest, I´ve lost track of how long it has been). An epic 18 plus hours of travel landed me here at 6:30 this morning - 2 hours before the event began. Surreal, to say the least...

It´s been really cool so far actually. The format of the event is pretty amazing and very challenging - the people are very nice - and we cupped some wonderful coffees.

Oddly enough, however, I have not had a good espresso so far. I think it´s just a matter of style, however, but I´ve found none of the espressos to my taste. Universally, they seem oxidized, overly hot, thin, with little mouthfeel and quite overextracted and bitter. I guess I´m used to the emerging US style... not that I knew that there was one!

There are tons of Americans here as well - Kyle, Stephen and Sarah from Zoka, Phuong from Lava Java, Brent from Crema, the whole crazy Intelligentsia posse (Ellie, Marcus and Amber) as well as Jodi and I (representing the Stumptown).

And, of course, all the big Scandanavian stars... I honestly felt like asking for autographs (grin).

The standout coffee from the cupping was a lovely Kenya AB. Very complex, very rounded and complete, with wonderful fruit and floral notes and a lovely tangy high tone. Fabulous!

And, not shockingly, I´m learning things every second.
I´ve got tons of photos already - they´ll go up as soon as I get a chance.

Oh... so far no fermented shark, and I didn´t have to work in a cafe.
Now to survive the cow´s home.


counting down to Iceland...

it's going to be cool to see the folks i know and to meet new people.
it's going to be very cool to see the top scandanavian (i.e. world's best) baristi in action!

and then back to the States, finish packing and off to Portland.
big changes, big stuff...

i'm still a bit shocked that i'll be working at Stumptown. such an icon, such an opportunity. and good coffee each and every day!