more H-B.com event stuff (the coffees)

I'll try to write up cupping notes and thoughts be EOD tomorrow.
In the meantime, here is the list of coffees tasted.

  • Tim Wendelboe Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Mario San Jose
  • Tim Wendelboe Honduras Cielito Lindo (CoE #5)
  • Tim Wendelboe Brazil Santa Barbara
  • Ritual Kenya Karimikui
  • Ritual Colombia La Orquidea
  • Mecca Kenya Mtaro Estate
  • Mecca Bolivia Mondo Novo (CoE #7)
  • Four Barrel Kenya Kangunu
  • Four Barrel Colombia Cauca Norbey Sancho Microlot
  • 49th Parallel Kenya Handege AA
  • 49th Parallel Costa Rica Finca Roblas Microlot
  • Ecco Kenya Kiunyu
  • Ecco Kenya Kangocho
  • Olympia Cosa Rica La Mirella "Honey"
  • Olympia Colombia Finca La Florida Manuel Antonio Ovies
  • Barefoot Costa Rica Herbazu Honey
  • Barefoot Costa Rica Cerro Paldo
  • Intelligentsia Honduras La Tortuga
  • Intelligentsia Kenya Thiriku
  • Square Mile Kenya Tegu Kirimukuyu
  • Square Mile Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Stumptown Colombia La Esperanza
  • Stumptown Kenya Kangunu

  • Ritual Lloyd Dobler
  • Intelligentsia Black Cat
  • 49th Parallel Epic
  • Ecco Espresso

pics from the H-B.com event

What an extraordinary experience!!!

I want to thank all the folks who attended. All of you brought open minds and fine palates. Thank you!
And big thanks to Doug for the use of the space, all the hard work, etc. And to Luca for the hard work and assistance.

Most of all - huge thanks to all the roasters. Your generosity is so appreciated, and the quality of the coffees you provided was humbling.

To put it simply... the was the best cupping table of my life.

I'll post more thoughts later.


crappy mobile phone photos

tomorrow promises to be one of the best cupping tables of my life.

don't believe me?


Home Barista event (more updates)

The coffees (and gifts) have started to arrive for the Home Barista event.

So far we have:
- Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, NO)
- 49th Parallel (Vancouver, BC)
- Barefoot (Santa Clara, CA)
- Olympia Coffee (Olympia, WA)
- Stumptown (Portland, OR)
- Ritual (SF, CA)
- Intelligentsia (Chicago, IL)
- Mecca (Syndey, AUS)
- Square Mile (London, ENG)
- Ecco (Santa Rosa, CA)
- Four Barrel (SF, CA)

SUPER cool.


For those who are coming to the H-B.com event, I was asked to provide a picture so people could recognize me.