It looks like I'll be working a "guest" slot at Spellbinder again next Tuesday morning.
It should be pretty cool as it looks like I'll have a couple special espressos to share with folks - including not only the Stumptown Hairbender, but also some of the single origin espressos!
Very fun...


Stumptown Single Origin Shootout

My last post about NASCORE (sorry, I've been in San Francisco for a wedding)...

For me, the two day single origin espresso event at Stumptown was a huge highlight of the whole NASCORE experience. Incredible coffee, great people -- and a truly eye-opening event. In my opinion, this sort of event is exactly what has been missing from these events in the past - and exactly what needs to be added in the future.

Tasting Notes (from memory)
please keep in mind- these are from memory, not from notes - so i may have juggled some in my mind.

El Salvador Las Nubitas - complicated, dynamic, incredibly aromatic. this was an eye-opening espresso. wonderful dark chocolate notes and sweet citric notes that remind of sugared grapefruit. a personal favorite.
El Salvador Pacamara Montecarlos - a very interesting espresso. not as complex as some, with an unusual flavour note that reminded me of burnt celery (vegetal). tons of spice, and a strong citric note.
Nicaragua Los Delirios - this was the one. i asked one attendee after he'd tasted it, "so... what would you do in blending to improve this espresso." his blank look said it all. a totally complete espresso, incredibly complex and intertwined. notes of jasmine tea and a wonderful caramel finish on top of a chocolate and dried stonefruit body. just enough citrus brightness to make it sing. lovely!
Brazil Fazenda Vista Allegre Natural Dry - thick and nutty, with milk chocolate notes and a rising dried cherry tone througout. very sweet. a classic single origin brazilian. Sumatra Mandheling - heavy, syrup like body. strong notes of humus and mushroom - very woody. the least enjoyable of the coffees.
Ethiopia Harrar - intense aromatics, strong dark chocalate and a burst of berry acidity! everything i'd hoped it would be.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - wonderful notes of candied orange peel and a much more complete body than expected! a very interesting and very tasty espresso.
Guatemala El Inerjeto - a fruit bomb. chocolate body, interesting spice. an intense espresso. wonderful tea and spice notes. super cool.
Nicaragua Cantagallo - incredibly sweet, with wonderful caramel notes. very aromatic, with a nice nutty body and crisp acidity. caramel apple!
Panama Esmeralda Jaramillo - this reminded me of a top-notch Muscat. it had that same fortified, over-extracted, jammy marmalade flavour profile. incredibly aromatic and almost shocking to both the nose and the palate. jasmine tea. a true taste sensation. the most unusual and interesting coffee i've tasted in my life.


there is no point in trying to taste various espressos without great Barista talent. and we had that, in spades. Bronwen, Duane and Dismas in action...

while tasting the coffees was great - sharing them was truly priceless.

shots were pulled both naked and dressed (Grin).

if any more espresso had been consumed.... there would have been trouble. Ellie and Jodi showing the effects.

thanks to Stumptown and to Intelligentsia for providing the incredible and wonderful coffees.
thanks to all the talented and wonderful people and their palates for sharing these coffees.
thanks to all those who pulled shots, and all those who cleaned up.

and special big-time thanks to Duane, Jodi and the Stumptown crew for making this happen.