Time... perspective

I should have done this earlier, but before it's too late (I hope) I'm going to take a little time off from participation in the various coffee websites etc.

My frustrations have recently spilled over and been communicated in manners that were not productive and I need to step away to gain some perspective. My hope is this will allow me to re-engage in a manner that is more productive and respectful (for all involved).


onocoffee said...

My friend, why are you allowing yourself to be so worked up over these trivial matters in the coffee industry? Instead of spreading the word about the mucked up practices and thinking, why not divert those energies towards celebrating the good stuff that's going on in coffee?

Truly, there are lots of places across America that deserve applause for their groundbreaking work. Instead too many people in our circles expend their energies getting upset over what people like Carmichael et al have to say.

chris said...

As always Jay - you're perceptive and accurate.

I am, in fact, trying to refocus on the positive and re-engage with those who actually are trying to do the right things.

I'll never just stick my head in the sand, but I do need to get up out of the mud.

Anonymous said...

You'll be missed during what I hope is just a short hiatus.