I ran into Tonx and Kyle the other day. Very fun. Got a chance to catch up, talk about Greece, theories on various aspects of espresso, our shared hatred for Monsooned Malabar, the fun times in Charlotte, IP thieves, Belgian Ale and the future.
It sounds as if things are very exciting for those boys. I'm sure we'll all be interested to see what the future holds.

I also (finally) wrapped up my article for Barista Magazine. It was a struggle. As Andrew Barnett said, "you're trying to turn a 300 page book that you care passionately about into a single magazine article." I worry that people might not get it. I worry that it might seem bizarre or obvious or obscure or just poorly written.
I guess I always kind of feel this way once done.

And I've been cupping some lovely coffees recently. Too much fun!