playing with beans

i've been busy trying to come up with an illustration of a theory i mentioned a while back about a possible simple but great espresso blend. and finally i've succeeded. thanks to all the folks who roasted and sourced these wonderful beans!!

Base - Brazil Fazenda Cachoiera Pulped Natural
Primary Accent - Brazil Cerrado Daterra Reserve
Secondary Accent - Rwanda Musasa
Tertiary Accent - Guatemala Finca San Vincente


All roasted Full City.

The best thing about this blend is that it was simple and flexible and yet incredibly good tasting. I was able to find four different "sweet spot" sets of parameters for brewing. It tasted fine at a range of temps and a range of doses and basket sizes.

My favorite one was at a brew temp of 200f; a pressure of 9.15BAR; with a 17.5oz dose in a stock (ridged, OEM) La Marzocco double basket; 2oz double in 27 seconds.

Thick beyond belief. Wonderful mouthfeel, tons of chocolate and caramel/honey sweetness. Wonderful notes of cherry and truffled raspberry and a huge complicated aroma. Lovely.