The key to a good exit is timing.

Clark Gable had it. Sandy Koufax nailed it. And of course Olivier was the master of the well-timed exit.

For me - the time is now. As of this week I'm no longer a member of the Stumptown posse.

It's been a great experience. I'm going to miss Stumptown a lot.
I've met some wonderful people and had some incredibly memorable times. I've made some good friends.
In this time, my understanding of coffee, my appreciation of coffee and my knowledge of coffee have all increased tremendously. I owe a huge amount to the folks at Stumptown for this.

I'm going to miss cupping.
I'm going to miss talking shit.
I'm going to miss the vibe of the roastery and the feeling of belonging when I walked into any of the cafes.
I'm going to miss bar shifts, and I'm going to miss working on the Mistrals.
But most of all... I'm going to miss the people.

Be well.

Exit, stage left.
...and the curtain closes.