more monster mia

As mentioned, I'm moving.

Well... the Mia is now set up in the new place.
Been a bit epic, but it's working.

I've got two more days of experimentation under my belt.
I'll take pics this weekend.

In the meantime... what can I say?
Terry and the boys at Espresso Parts NW have done good.
I've now tested three different espressos.
This thing really is as close to a (espresso only) GS3 as one can get.
Shot pulling process is:
1) build shot.
2) quick rinse flush (no need to time or measure)
3) insert portafilter
4) pull shot

Adjusting temp consists of:
1) up/down on controller to right set temp
2) wait about 60 seconds
3) proceed

Downsides noted so far...

1) the stupid cup tray still sucks
2) steaming milk is between challenging and very frustrating
3) cups rattle a lot when pulling shots (rotary pump seems to really vibrate the body)