the torture never stops

Really Salon?

I could see The Atlantic falling for this shit - they're practically paid coverage at this point - but honestly I expected better from you.

Rather than going through the two or three dozen specific fails in this piece - I'll simply point the readers to my comments on the two previous pieces in the series (by which I refer to Illy's 2 "paid" pieces in The Atlantic here, and here). And then I'll make two "meta" comments.

First... Salon... you know better. You should have talked to a couple folks on the "other side of the table." This looks like chumming for attention now. Come on. Don't be pathetic.

Second... I guess this means that speciality coffee in the US has grown up. We now have one of the largest espresso companies in the world investing money on a media and PR tour hoping to counter-market against the growth of these new competitors. Congrats. I guess.

Update: If you're interested in this topic, you should read James Hoffman's post on the subject (and participate in the conversation about it).


Tim Wendelboe said...

These guys belong to the stone age. Always focusing on what coffee SHOULD be instead of trying to explore what it CAN be.
I wouldn't spend my energy on discussing with stubborn people like this. Let them continue looking for something from the past. I will be looking forward to my next cup!

chris said...

Always focusing on what coffee SHOULD be instead of trying to explore what it CAN be.

Thank you!
Such a good - rational - and positive way to think about the situation.

jesse said...

Do Germans go to Belgium and talk about how their beer sucks because it doesn't follow the Reinheitsgebot?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really pull a 1 oz espresso w/ 20 grams of coffee? Sure, plenty of doubles use 17-20 but I've never ever had a 20 gram single.