Ecco Coromandel

Brazil - Cerrado Minas Gerais
Fazenda Sao Joao, Geginaldo Silvoni
Heirloom Bourbon
2007 Harvest

Another lovely brazil single origin espresso from Andrew Barnett at Ecco Caffe.

First impressions were of smoothness and polish. This is a highly "finished" espresso.
Initial tastes are of caramel, cashew butter and an interesting cherry/tangelo flavour.
It's quite subtle and very, very balanced. It's not a big espresso by any means.
As it cools, the fruits become more dominant - but without becoming sour or overly acidic. A lovely light molasses note appears as well.

In short milk drinks, the coffee comes across well - with the fats in the milk complementing the buttery nut notes and balancing the fruits.
It is, of course, rather lost in tall milk drinks.
Best use, without a doubt, is as a straight shot.

I found it responded well to a very slight updose in a double basket - with a midpoint brew temp and a slightly short shot volume. It also tasted quite good downdosed in a synesso triple basket and pulled ristretto.

Probably not everyone's cup of tea. There are those who will find it "boring" or not quite "intense" enough. For me... it's a lovely "everyday" espresso.

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