Ecco Caffe ("Taste of the Harvest")

Brazil Fazenda Cahoeira de Gramma from the Carvalho Diases.
Heirloom Yellow Bourbon, natural, raised screen bed.
2007 Harvest.

Another winner from Andrew Barnett at Ecco Caffe.

A simply lovely coffee, in all ways.
As espresso it's clean, sweet, elegant and polished. Extremely light on the palate with a wonderful soft and almost "fluffy" mouthfeel. Honey, some caramelized nectarine, a light filbert note. Wonderful tropical spice and floral aromas.
This is not an espresso for people who like "strong" coffee - but rather for those who appreciate flavour and balance. It's not idiosyncratic or "different."
It's just "right."

Be careful about pulling this coffee too hot. It takes a lower brew temp than you might expect. At even a single degree too high you'll lose the fruit and the floral notes and instead will end up with a coffee that is flat with noticeable "toast" flavours. Be brave... go cold.

Seems to respond best to mid-point doses (not too up... not too down).

It's very good in short milk drinks as well - but gets lost in tall ones.
Best, IMHO, as a straight shot where it really shines.

Nice one!!

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