i have not forsaken you...

i'm just a bit busy.


a) the Hairbender is completely brilliant right now. at lower temps it is really sweet, with tons of molasses and ever-lasting crema. there are great aromatics and a lovely up-front meyer lemon brightness. at higher temps it becomes less sweet, but a really nice dutch processed cocoa note appears and the meyer lemon turns to apricot.

b) i've moved and am one block from the Stumptown Annex. i'm in love with the Clover all over again. there is a clarity of reproduction that is wonderful when configured correctly and the process of discovering the configuration is intellectually stimulating.

c) top shots of espresso lately have been from Wendy (Stumptown Belmont) and Billy (Albina Press).

d) i've been traveling a lot and oh my god have i been drinking a lot of bad coffee!! i'm so glad i live in Portland. if i lived in (for example) Tempe AZ or Indianapolis IN or Las Vegas NV (to pick three recent destinations) i would be angry more often than i am right now.

e) the new Barista Magazine is out and is even better than the last.

f) i miss the GS3.

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