I know that some people consider me an egomaniac.

Regardless, it's nice to get some external validation of my opinions on the GS3.

Billy and Dan from Albina Press came over to play with the machine today. It's was incredibly cool.

We all pulled a whole bunch of shots of the Hairbender, made some cappuccinos and an americano, drank way too much coffee, talked smack and even broke out the Scace again.

It sounds like we have total agreement on two differences in the cup with this machine (as compared to a Linea for example). First - it's a "denser" cup, with a very heavy and coating mouthfeel. Second - it's very, very clean - the elusive "clarity" thing again. It was great to have both of them say the same things I've been thinking when it comes to the experience of the espresso from this machine.

Billy made a couple rocking cappuccinos (though both he and Dan also struggled with the lack of articulation on the wand).

It was a serious geek fest!

Oh... and the Scace tests showed ridiculous temp stability - both Intra and Inter shot. Scary to think that this is a prototype and the PID is still going to get tuned more.

Way too fun!

Add to this Kyle's comment about a shot from the machine that "sweet jesus, it was one of the top shots of Hair Bender I have had, aside from ones pulled at the Stumptown cafes by Stumptown baristas" and I'm starting to feel more confident in my enthusiasm for this machine.

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