The GS3 continues to impress and delight.

And, in light of what I'm learning about this machine I have a little mea culpa to deliver. I've long said, "the espresso machine is a tool - like a hammer. It's all in the skill of the barista." While this may be true - the reality is that some methods of driving nails are far, far more effective, efficient, consistent and easy to use than others. If your usual "prosumer" espresso machine is a hammer than this baby is a belt drive, pneumatic nail gun.

I've issues an open invitation to folks to come and check the machine out on Friday AM. This will be a chance for people to look at the machine, taste espressos and espresso drinks made with it, pull shots and talk smack.

I have the feeling I'm going to be saying, "sorry - but you cannot look behind the curtain" a whole lot - but in the end I figure that I'm going to get some good results, some good opinions and give folks a chance to see something really extraordinary.

Should be fun.

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