So everyone has been asking.

"What's the big secret hush-hush event?"
"What's this Clover thing all about?"

These and other questions will all be answered.

The event (we'll call it a Speakesy):

Invite only, within the trade only, VIPs only.
Just a couple blocks up the hill from the convention center.
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (28,29,30) 1-7pm each day.
Check out the site of the new Victrola Roasting Facility (yes indeed).
Check out some cool new toys.
Hang out with nice people. Drink great coffee. Talk smack about the competitions, about the shows, about everything and everyone.
It's the place to be.
Various other stuff too cool to mention... (heh).
If you want an invite, send email to tony@victrolacoffee.net - or get the skinny from the folks at Victrola on 15th.

Clover 1:

What is Clover 1?
Why are coffee geeks' hearts aflutter when they see it?
Come and see the unveiling of this mysterious technological marvel during Coffeefest Seattle starting this Friday.
The Clover 1 is a really exciting piece of equipment which will change a lot of thinking about how and why brewed coffee is served in coffeebars. The unveiling for friends and colleagues will occur not at Victrola, but at the to-be-unveiled site of Victrola's future roasting facility.
Come, taste, play, experiment, marvel.

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