How lucky we are

So I got an email from Klaus ('Chaff Bitch') today.
He was telling me how jealous he is of folks over here - how things seem to be really exciting all of a sudden.
It was ironic because earlier today I was thinking about how lucky folks in PDX are.

I'd gone up to North Portland (getting a tattoo on my broken leg, something symbolic and important to me you know). Atlas Tattoo is right down the block from The Albina Press so I decided to drop in and wish Billy well in the coming NWRBC. He wasn't there so I chatted with Kevin a bit and then Dan made me a macchiatto. And it was really amazing. A great drink.
As I drove back home I started thinking about how rare it is for people to get to taste a truly great espresso drink. And then started thinking about how here in Portland it actually isn't that hard much less that rare. There are about a half dozen coffee bars in Portland that I would be more than willing to send a friend to for a drink - without coming along to supervise. And then there are probably another half dozen within 45 from Portland.
Add to this the coffees available in Portland (ranging from the Panama Esmerelda to the Kenya AA Tegu to the El Puente to the new Sidamo to the Las Nubitas and the Los Delirios and and and....).

I just hope folks in Portland realize how lucky they really are. It's a special place - and it's a special time in coffee. Treasure it.

Meanwhile I just wrapped up an article that I think is going to be cool.
I'm back on my feet and off crutches - but my Physical Therapists are saying "no" to my being able to go to Seattle this weekend. This is a truly crushing blow. I'm hoping to convince them otherwise tomorrow. I really, really want to see the competition. I really, really want to check out the antique machine collections. I really, really want to go to the Victrola speakeasy. I really, really want to go to the parties, see my friends... waaahhhhhh.

But I just got some coffees in from DOMA. That's cool!

Finally... if you are going to be in Seattle this weekend... I just found out the cupping list for the cuppings being held at the NWRBC. All I can say is SICK!!!
Be there.

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