There are some things that are hard about not working for Stumptown anymore.

I really miss cupping. I didn't realize how much it mattered to me. There are new coffees in stock that I've never tasted. It makes me sad. I miss talking about the coffee. I miss the ritual. But most of all, I miss tasting.

I also miss being able to have a direct effect on the coffee. While I had a really lovely shot today (mmm... fruit chocolate caramel bomb) I've had a couple shots that were a bit off, and it's hard to know what's wrong and not be able to do something about it.

But most of all I miss the people. I mean, I still see folks when I go to the cafes, but that's really only once or twice a day now. I don't go to the roastery anymore, so I don't see any of the folks there. And I don't run the employee cuppings anymore... so there are people I haven't seen in weeks.

Then again - there are things I don't miss.

I saw a junkie walk in downtown and didn't have to do more than notice that the employees had see the same. Not my problem.

I saw the line backing up due to some staff issues. Not my problem.

When my cell phone rings it's rarely if ever my problem. When there are screaming kids in the cafe I can just leave. I don't have to stress about the Annex opening date or the status of Sumatran coffees or the effect of the exchange rate on Belgian beer prices or a thousand other things.

I'm finding I sleep better at night.

Still and none the less... I miss a lot.

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