So I'm gearing up to write a whole bunch of home espresso gear reviews.
It's going to be cool - a sort of How the Other Half Lives thing. A Pro's Perspective on Home Espresso or something like that.

This has made me think a lot (for the first time ever) about making espresso at home. I've been doing research and considering what I would like from a home espresso rig.

As a result I have become somewhat obsessed with the Speedster machine made by Kees van der Westen. For those who don't know - Kees is a genius artist, engineer and fabricator who makes incredible machines - the most famous of which are the Mistrals (used by Stumptown among others).

He made a limited run of six Speedster machines. These are based on the La Marzocco GS paddle system and are, in my opinion, the absolute ultimate home machines. I dream of one day discovering one of the six for sale somewhere.

The Speedster in all its glory...

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