the return of the Harar

it's been a rough couple of years for lovers of the Ethiopia Harar. while there has been the periodic nice coffee, we've been missing those over-the-top Harar flavours. too many Harars over the last few years have been unbalanced, or dirty, or floppy or just missing the blueberry fruit we all love.

well... it's back.

we've been cupping out the new MAO Horse and the batch we have is truly incredible. it's all we've been missing. all the intensity, and all that blueberry... but without the ferment, without the mustyness and without the floppyness.

for the last few weeks all the folks in the Roastery have been sample roasting and cupping this coffee like mad. we've been crossing our fingers and holding our breath - but it continues to amaze.

finally, we can say with confidence that this coffee just outright rocks our world.

we sent a sample off to Fortune Elkins in NYC - and she agrees.
this is a Harar.

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