i'm frantically trying to wrap stuff up and get prepared for the SCAA meeting/show and WBC this weekend. i won't be posting again (probably) until next week -- probably late in the week. yeah - it's like that right now.

it's been really amazing the last few days. we've had a ton of visitors in (Paul and Andrew from Australia, Kevin and Tomas from Gimme, Mark Inman, Tim Castle, various folks from Colombia, some other Aussies, a couple people from up north...). this has been an excellent "preview" of the weekend. it's been very cool to talk coffee with these folks - but even more cool to discover how we're all facing the same kinds of issues and all pursuing the same kinds of goals and in many cases all arriving at the same kinds of solutions.

it seems like everyone is having issues with the grinder options that are available. it seems like everyone is frustrated by dealing with vendors. it seems like everyone is looking at PID control for espresso machines and direct relationship buying for green beans and staff retention concerns and Sprinter delivery vans.

this all makes the world seem much smaller.

SCAA is going to be very very cool.

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