the monster

as some of you know, we use some incredible espresso machines at Stumptown. all our locations use the amazing Mistrals made by Kees Van der Westen. these machines are not just incredible espresso machines capable of producing gorgeous espresso - they're also works of art.

well... in any event, our downtown location is large enough so that we have the real-estate to have two Mistrals. this allows us to handle pretty much all the business we could imagine doing down there.

but our other locations are much smaller, and we're really maxing out the three-group Mistrals and our baristas.

so... Duane got Kees to make us the mother of all Mistrals.
the monster machine.

a 5-grp Mistral.
read it and gasp.

in any event, the machine is finished. soon it will be on its way to us.
and below we have the picture of the beauty. mmmm....

I cannot wait

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