hmmm... coffees from Sumatra...

you know - i've never been a huge fan. of course - that's a generalization. there are the periodic coffees from Sumatra that i've enjoyed and every once and a while one comes along that blows me away.
but as a general rule, they just don't do it for me.

so today i sample cupped three coffees from Sumatra.
the first one was exactly what i would have expected from a high-quality Sumatran. all the classic sweetness, the syrupy body, the notes of earth and herbs -- but with enough crisp acidity to give it a little balance. nice - a good blender - something that would appeal to the folks who just love Sumatra.
the second was unusual... the dry aromas were amazing - really nice fruit and some complex and complicated and intertwined tobacco and leather stuff going on. really enticing. when hot, this was a very interesting and unusual coffee, though slightly phenolic. As it cooled, however, it lost everything except a residual sweetness. no fruit, no earth, no wood... no finish. Flat and boring. sad.
the third... well... the third was outstanding. dry aromas were dominated by lovely fruit and berry tones (raspberry and strawberry and melon). in the cup this was incredibly fruity. initially the fruit came across as slightly tart and slightly sweet - a very interesting and balanced taste. but as it cooled, the sweetness began to emerge and the flavour became more and more intense - culminating in a saliva-generating watermelon jolly rancher tone that was amazing and incredible. what a coffee!!!

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