cupping and more

a whirlwind day today...

to cut to the chase -- the high point was cupping the Bolivian COE coffees.
to be honest, i'd never had an especially good coffee from Bolivia. so... preconceptions and prejudices in hand, i cupped a whole bunch of coffees and got my world rocked.
in the end, there were four very good coffees - three of which were truly excellent.
what was particularly exciting was that these coffees all had very different styles, characters and flavour profiles. excellent - and yet different. very cool indeed!
tomorrow morning is the auction and with any luck we'll score at least one of them.

stumptown is going to do so much cool stuff in the next year.
it's hard to be relaxed and not get ahead of myself, but some of the stuff we're planning is insane!
there are things that no-one has ever thought of doing, and things that people have thought of but dismissed as unrealistic.
and we're going to do them.
people are not ready.

in other news... Portland is great, i ate at a very good Korean place today, life is good and we bought a bunch of super nice Eames dining room chairs.

on a personal note - i have a new computer so these posts should increase in frequency.
be well.

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