coming back up for air...

it's been a bit epic.
work, moving, visits from dear friends, a major holiday and the death of my laptop have conspired to put a crimp in my posting habits. i am sorry.

in any event...

things here are great.

i cupped the Panama La Esmerelda the other day. it's a truly incredible coffee. without a doubt worth the (not inconsiderable) amount of money one has to pay. sadly, i think that there is less than 4lbs left in captivity at the current moment. the best descriptor i can come up with for the coffee is "complicated." not complex, but rather incredibly layered and knotted - with a huge number of flavour components which emerge and recede over the lifetime of the cup. flavours of bergamot and dried citrus peel, a gorgeous sweet caramel/chocolate in the body and through the finish, hints of berry and a jasmine-spice note in the aroma and a wonderful tropical fruit and wine brightness that evolves through stonefruit and overripe pink grapefruit.
i honestly think i could cup this coffee every single morning and never come to a complete understanding of it.
a lifetime experience for me.

the Stumptown Family Thanksgiving was great.
a true family event in every way.
i think i suffered a 36 hour food hangover.

and a visit from Matt and Tricia capped it all off. with luck i'll get photos from Matt.

a great week.
life is good.

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