The final Iceland photos...

Continuing with the "Pandora's Box" part of the competition. To clarify what this was (sorry to those who were confused previously)...

For the last day of the competition, each national team was given a box of ingredients chosen by a local chef and two "themes" to structure their presentation around. These were:
- serving espresso drinks to the Queens of a couple countries (one of whom was a "stealth" barista),
- a party for some recent mothers who were coffee fanatics who had not been able to drink coffee for nine months.
All ingredients from the box had to be used (and included such things as various spices and fruits and baby food - among others).

Drinks from the Finnish team for the "mothers" theme.

The Swedish team in action (looking composed and serious).

Klaus (of the victorious Danish team) in action with the shaker.

Our host - the incredible Addy Heoinsdottir of Kaffitar. Without her this event would not have occurred.

A final bonus shot of WBC Champ Tim Wendelboe, entranced by the sight of the Hairbender through a naked portafilter.

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