today i was joined not only by my tasting slave (Matt) but by two other volunteer tasters (Tricia and Valerie)!! very fun.

not only did we taste a couple big winner origin espressos, we also tasted two origin espressos sent by Peter at George Howell's company Terroir.

Brazil Cerrado, Daterra Farm - North Italian Roast Style
203F, 8.9BAR
This was an incredibly fruit-forward espresso. Very sweet, with tropical fruit and honey in dominance. Notes of Banana, pineapple, passionfruit and a tannic banana-peel note. Lighter, creamy body with dense crema.
A nice, clean and sweet espresso though perhaps a bit uncomplicated in flavour profile.

Brazil Cerrado, Daterra Farm - South Italian Roast Style
201F, 8.9BAR
I would have to say that I don't know if I'd call this "South Italian" in roast - but I guess it would depend on your definition of Southern Italy. To me, this falls somewhere between a Florentine roast and a Roman roast.
This is a very mellow and smooth espresso with dominant flavours of chocolate (both bittersweet and semi-sweet). There is some background spice and dry fruit as well as lovely leather/tobacco notes. The body is buttery and rich.
A really good espresso. Balanced, with great finesse and polish. Works well as a straight shot or in short milk drinks.

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