A little help here?

I have a plea for the dozen or so people who still read this blog.

I need to source a new (replacement) brew switch for my vintage La Marzocco GS.
Sadly, the little plastic retaining tab snapped off (as they are likely to do).
And, of course, this part is no longer in-production.

It is the red "on" (or brew in fact) switch as illustrated below.

If anyone happens to have a line on such a switch, can you please let me know?

I've talked to the usual suspects, and no-one seems to have one.

Thanks in advance!


Jimmy O said...

Have you talked with LM Italia? Usually its a matter of talking to the right people there.

Are you able to have a shop fab the retaining portion, assuming the switch itself is still functional?

Jimmy O

chris said...

thanks for the suggestion. I have indeed (was lucky enough to be at the LM event in PDX last week). Worst case scenario is to fab a replacement - hoping I don't have to!

Michael Teahan said...

Paul Pratt in Hong Kong or perhaps Mario Flores with JavaTec in Texas, I think Mario picked up a couple of GS2's and was modding them.

The cover was designed for a paddle, you might investigate a conversion, even if not OEM.

It is not likely a purpose made switch for the Marzocco, but a period off the shelf part. Marzocco never made anything themselves save the groups, boilers and bodies. Everything was outsourced. Broaden your search for switches outside the coffee industry.

Michael Teahan

chris said...

Thanks Michael! Paul, sadly, sold his last such switch earlier this year. I'll ask Mario.

I talked with Terry Z and with Kent about the paddle conversion, but that's kind of epic and I was honestly just hoping to replace the damn button (grin).

It was not purpose-built, but there is a lot of confusion over the vendor and if it's actually still in production.

Michael Teahan said...

Was actually leaning towards a resto mod for the machine. It is slotted for the paddle; fabricate one fitted to a reostat and a DC drive motor for control like the Strada but with the better brass group of the GS2.

You could also simply use two micros, one engages the solenoid and the second engages the pump. This is what the GS1 Paddle does mechanically that you could do electronically and not permanently mess with the machine.

Mario Flores is making aluminum group covers for the GS1 and could probably engineer the conversion, leaving the machine largely stock mechanically.

BTW, the VST patent was a process evaluation patent and not related to manufacturing processes. The baskets were available prior to VST's introduction for close to a year, but without the laser etching. Basket R&D is a big deal in Italy, has been for a while. They just don't brag about it.

Good luck with the GS2, a lot of bells and whistles for such a small machine.

chris said...

Thanks Michael!
Yeah... I absolutely love this machine. Such a wonder.

I'm hoping to avoid having to do major modifications, but if that is the only choice I'll probably go to a paddle.

The machine is nowhere near stock at this point, so that's not a concern.

I cannot find contact info for Mario. If you have can you email intro me? (malachi at gmail dot com)

Unknown said...

Funny- the black button on my GS1 snapped off the little stem behind it recently too. I haven't tried to fix it yet but would be interested in whatever you figure out.