it arrives

I am the luckiest person in the world.

For many reasons.

Today just brought me another reason.

One of the greatest people in the coffee business (Terry Z of Espressoparts) - who also built out the Monster Mia I've been using for the past few years - is world renowned for his work with vintage espresso machines. I've admired these gorgeous restorations and rebuilds for years now.

And now I have one in my kitchen.

I adore everything about this machine.
The classic 70s Italian design... the orange and brown color scheme... the skateboard wheels...

It's one of the greatest espresso machines (the La Marzocco GS), and thanks to Terry and his Merry (mad)Men - this one is comparable to the most modern machines now.

Check out the gorgeous portafilter handle.


It's a total stunner - and it's actually (reasonably) practical for the home.

I said it had been modernized, right?

Clean and pro...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Espressoparts does fucking AMAZING work.

The electrician arrives on Saturday.
I cannot WAIT for Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...


AndyS said...

Chris, congrats on your new addition, it looks gorgeous. Happy for you!

Gabe said...

how much would this set the average coffee lover back?
I know a couple of people who want one of these bad boys.

chris said...

Thanks all!!

Gabe: Honestly I have no idea. I would suggest that folks call Terry Z at Espressoparts and ask if it would be possible and if so what the price would be.