Bye-bye Anfim

So, the demo Anfim is boxed up and about to be shipped away.

And this morning was my first morning with the Robur back on the counter.

As a result, this gives me a chance to revisit my Anfim vs Robur at home thoughts.

To sum it up simply... if I had to recommend one of the two to a home barista I would absolutely recommend the Anfim. It's simply easier to work with and wastes far less coffee than the Robur. In fact, the only real negative of the Anfim for the home (as compared to the Robur) is that there are some coffees that I was never able to get optimal shots with. The stepped grinder adjustment meant that there were three times where the ideal extraction fell between steps.

Of course... both of these grinders are obscene overkill for the home. But if you're the kind of person who thinks too much is just the right amount - then I'd seriously suggest the new Anfim over the Robur.


Rosscopico said...

Good to see I'm not the only one that thinks the Anfim Super Caimano (especially with EPNW's stepless mod & digital timer) beats the Robur E hands down.

chris said...

That's not really what I said.

1) I'm not comparing to the Robur E (which I consider an inferior grinder in many ways) but rather to the standard Robur

2) The Anfim is not modified (and the stepped nature is its achilles heal)

3) for commercial use the Robur is a better choice