(Update) San Francisco Home Barista Get Together

The tentative list of roasters providing coffee for this event is insane!!
I'm so excited.
And the list isn't even complete yet (I'm waiting for responses from 4 other roasters).
Update: while I haven't received the coffees, the below is the final list of confirmed roasters.

Right now the list looks like The list is:

Four Barrel (SF, CA)
Ecco Caffe (Santa Rosa, CA)
Barefoot (Santa Clara, CA)
Intelligentsia (Chicago and LA)
49th Parallel (Vancouver, BC)
Square Mile (London, UK)
Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, NO)
added: Mecca (Sydney, AUS)
added: Olympia Coffee (Olympia, WA)
added: Stumptown Coffee (Portland, Seattle, NYC)
added: Ritual (San Francisco)

So... if you're in the Bay Area and you're passionate about coffee - you NEED to be attending. This should be a sick cupping table is all I have to say!!!

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