pics from the H-B.com event

What an extraordinary experience!!!

I want to thank all the folks who attended. All of you brought open minds and fine palates. Thank you!
And big thanks to Doug for the use of the space, all the hard work, etc. And to Luca for the hard work and assistance.

Most of all - huge thanks to all the roasters. Your generosity is so appreciated, and the quality of the coffees you provided was humbling.

To put it simply... the was the best cupping table of my life.

I'll post more thoughts later.


jeremybb said...

Chris and Doug,

Again, huge thanks for a great experience. Looking forward to more opportunities to learn about and share great coffees.

Anonymous said...

All I can say about today was, wow! Amazing cupping table. Thank you roasters. Amazing work and organization put into it. Thank you Chris, Doug and others. I am still in awe. Hope to blog about it soon.