Living with the Robur

Some quick update notes....

1 - switching coffees frequently could get really expensive. The amount of coffee being burned to dial in the grind is not insignificant. I'm guessing I'll probably average out right under 1/4lb for each new coffee.

2 - dialing in the grind is not easy unless you're used to the machine. The way the grind "wanders" after a change unless you do the adjustment while the grinder is running is an issue (and unless you know about it, can be disconcerting). And, of course, adjusting while the grinder is running burns more beans. You have to purge a lot of coffee to get consistent grind sizing. Adjusting through light taps seems best for me. If you don't do all of this carefully, you tend to over-adjust a lot and it becomes like uncontrolled fishtailing on ice.

3 - clarity in the cup is excellent - and so is body and density. This combination is very (very) rare. Usually you sacrifice one for the other. The combination is great. A big win.

4 - my sweet spot for amount of coffee in the hopper seems like it's about 1lb. Dropping below that increases inconsistency from what I'm seeing so far.

5 - I am remembering all the quirks and traits of the grinder. It's all coming back to me. And the coffee is getting really good as I remember. I am starting to understand why for so long I felt this was the best on-bar grinder on the market.

6 - as I remember, I'm also rediscovering how easy the grinder makes things on the barista once you get your act together. I can be a lot more sloppy with my distribution and not suffer the consequences for example.

Tomorrow will be some more coffee for more people and should have some good opinions.


AndyS said...

You are undoubtedly aware that there are various modifications that can make living with the Robur at home a little easier:

Not that you would ever consider keeping a Robur at home permanently. :-)

chris said...

Thanks Andy.

I actually don't find the Robur to have messy dosing (comparatively). It's one of its strengths in some ways.

I've thought about doing some sort of "hopper modification" - but the truth is that I think it kind of defeats the purpose of this little exercise. I'm sure I'd do it if I were going to actually keep the Robur - just to allow me to work with coffee is less than 1lb increments.