the state of SF coffee

I'm very excited that this is going to happen!

I think SF is finally to the point where we can really evaluate the state of our coffee.
So... tomorrow I'm going to be facilitating a little cupping experience.

I've recruited some fantastic representative tasters, and have sourced what I hope is a representative sampling of the best coffees being produced from the Bay Area.

Tomorrow - we are going to find out just where Bay Area coffee is at -- and along the way we're going to find out how these coffees (and roasters) stack up against each other.

So... what happens when one (independent) professional coffee roaster, one michelin starred chef, one ex professional barista and one passionate home roaster and barista get their hands on 10 of the "top" coffees in the San Francisco area?

Whose coffee reigns supreme?!?!?!


James Lynch III said...

where will this occur?

Klaus Thomsen said...

That will be interesting for sure, especially since you've got so many talented people in that area now.
Will you be evaluating ligther roasted coffees as cupping only or also espresso? Just curious because (for some reason) it seems very espresso focused over there (to me, who hasn't even been there but just read stuff online).
Have fun !

Ryan said...

Looking forward to it.

chris said...

Cupping only.

chris said...

Occurred in SF CA
Results now posted.