Machine Swap, more

So the Monster Briccoletta is back to the shop. The 'explosion' was fixed, but then I started having odd, unfixable problems with the modified thermosyphon. After fiddling and diagnosis, it was determined that it needs to go somewhere with more sophisticated equipment.

And now, in its place, a new test machine.

The Grimac Mia I reviewed a couple years ago is back on the bench... albeit in much modified form. It's now a plumbed, PID'ed, rotary pumped, modified thermosyphon monster.
It's going to be really interesting to check it out and compare it to the stock Mia.

Also, I just returned from Sydney, Australia.
Had some gorgeous espresso drinks from Paul Geshos and the fine folks at Mecca. An absolutely top-notch, world class espresso bar.

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