why i love the esmerelda

So today I got to taste some more of the Esmerelda.
This time, brewed through the Melitta.

It is so good.
I don't even know how to explain how good it is.
Wonderful molasses notes and the inter-twined bergamot, muscato d'asti... hints of tangerine and jasmine... like a lovely old vintage Rum or an incredible Belgian Gran Cru ale.

While it may not be the "dessert island coffee" that the Las Nubitas is, there is little doubt in my mind about what coffee (out of all coffees) I'd pick for a special treat cup.

The thing about the Esmerelda is that each sip is different. Each cup is different. You taste and taste and pay more and more attention and you just can't wrap your head around it.
It's that complex.

I was talking with someone today who asked me how I thought it would compare to other Geisha coffees grown in Ethiopia.
I was glad to say that I had, in fact, cupped it along side a number of auction lot Geisha coffees. And that it was head and shoulders above the rest.

I feel honored and priveleged to experience this coffee every time I taste it. It's not the price. It's not the scarity. It's the experience of something that is truly special.


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