the next big thing

so the long-rumoured Stumptown 'Annex' opened today.

what is this?
imagine a high end wine merchant but selling coffee beans. imagine all the education, all the expertise of a wine merchant. imagine the tastings, the discussions, the equipment and accessories. but with coffee.

it's very very cool.
you want to cup coffees? drop in and see when folks will be cupping.
you want to buy a vacuum pot? swing by and choose from a couple (and get an explanation on how to make coffee at its best).
you want to choose from a dozen or so of the world's greatest coffees? no problem - they're all there.

it's really amazing. i've been dropping by as it's been getting close to opening and i think this has the chance to really push coffee to the next level. this gives the customers a chance to get the knowledge and insight that coffee professionals have - without having to get into the industry.

for far too long the coffee industry has treated this stuff as some sort of intellectual property and has done its best to obscure it from the customers. now the wall is falling.

drop by Belmont and SE 34th (two doors down from the Stumptown Cafe) and check it out.

it's a revolution.

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