Next Home-Barista.com review

So Terry from Espresso Parts came down to help me do the set-up and install for the machine I'm reviewing for Home-Barista.com.

It was quick, painless and quite non-eventful (thanks Terry!!).

I've got some coffees from Olympia Coffee Roasting, some coffees from Stumptown and some coffees from Zoka. Very cool!

The Cimbali Junior grinder is sweet. I far prefer it to the Mazzer Mini so far. I mean, I really dislike the plastic portafilter fork, but I don't have any other complaints and it seems superior in all other ways to the competition.

And as for the Briccoletta... what can I say?
I'm already impressed.
Real rotary pump, plumbed-in, gorgeous looking... and it pulls great shots.
I've got almost a month to see if I find issues, but right now I think this could be a winner.

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