we had some visitors over the weekend. Bronwen and Tonx came down from Seattle and Kyle and Stephen came over as well. in part this was just social - but it was also a chance for folks to play around with the home machines.

and we had coffee. coffee galore.

Coffees from Hines and from Victrola and from Intelligensia and Ecco Caffe and from Stumptown.

out of all of this we learned a few things...

1) The Mia can produce really good espresso. Really good espresso.
2) Certain espresso blends are far (far) easier to use with a home espresso machine than others. I have some theories about why this is the case (needless to say) but so far they are mostly if not all unfounded. Tonx and I talked about this a lot. Needless to say, there are some implications here for roasters. If you want to sell espresso to home users - you need to create a blend that works with the realities of home machines. It needs to be incredibly flexible when it comes to brew temp, extraction, etc.
3) Certain espresso blends are difficult if not impossible to work with on a home machine.

it was very very fun.

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