Another fun day with the home machines!

First... one okay shot of the Hairbender and then one really nice shot of it. Sweet, dried fruit, some beautiful high-toned aromatics and a super-beautiful sweet brown sugar chocolate finish. Honestly, while the shots out of this machine are not in the same league as what I can get out of a Mistral, they're close to what I was able to get from a bone-stock Linea.

Second... a double capp for Valerie. This was actually lovely. While I'm still finding it to be a serious challenge to get really high-quality milk with this machine - it's still possible with work to get satisfactory taste and texture.

Third... a switch over the the mighty Stumptown El Salvador CoE Las Nubitas. Honestly, this might well be my favorite single origin espresso of all time. And the second shot I pulled... just lovely. Top three shots of Las Nubitas ever. Not only the usual caramel roasted apple sweet fruit vanilla but with a finish rich in dutch processed cocoa. Wonderful.

And then some more ninja training time.
She is progressing well.
Her kung fu is strong.
Two of her shots of Las Nubitas were good and one was very good indeed.

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