Every day I learn a little more about coffee and in doing so discover how much there is to know. As a result, every day I know more about coffee - but find out that what I know is an even smaller percentage of the total.
Every day I learn again how little I really understand.

And this is a good thing.
Coffee is never boring.

And this is why I'm working at Stumptown. Here I'm surrounded by people who know so much about coffee and whose knowledge is so unique in perspective that the total knowledge and skill represented in the company is astonishing to me.
And this is why I love the Barista Exchange idea - why I like going to events like the Nordic Barista Cup.

This has all been brought home to me (again) over the last couple days. Cupping coffees with other Stumptown employees, talking about equipment with Ken, listening to Duane talk about green beans, watching Joel and Jim roast and exchanging emails with folks like Klaus, Alistair and Richard.

Never rest on your laurels. Never stop looking for things you're doing wrong. Never get fat and lazy. Stasis is death.

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