quick update

i'm still trying to finalize thoughts on the USBC. i have pretty much everything in my head, but i'm having a hard time structuring my thoughts in a cohesive message.

in the meantime, i'm writing something about the physiology of taste as a background piece to stuff about training your palate. it's pretty cool - i'm remembering a lot of stuff i'd forgotten.

i also just finished watching Billy Wilson and Chris Deferio in eXtreme barista (tm). it's actually a far less goofy video than you'd expect and both of them show off some excellent latte art.

finally, i've been cupping some coffees (as always). standouts included the new Harar (cleaner than many of the type, with nice liquorice and chocolate when hot and some lovely berry as it cools. pretty big body, nice) the Yirgacheffe (classic lemon zest and floral high-tones and a really wonderful Assam tea flavour that i dig) and, of course, my current favorites the Bolvia Ciena CoE (incredibly sweet, floral and fruit high-tones, grape skin structure and a root-beer candy finish) and the Rwanda Karaba (sweet/tart berry and chocolate ganache, tons of floral tones).

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