fun with levers

i had an excellent time this morning making espresso drinks for valerie and bronwen on the La Pavoni. a good macchiato for Bronwen, a good cappuccino for Valerie and a nice shot of espresso for me.

it's a pain, it's a lot of work, there are all sorts of tricks and hijinks... but the resulting drink quality is pretty amazing for a home machine.

i really like the mouthfeel i'm getting with a good shot from this machine.

with the Hairbender i'm getting very nice buttery sweetness (a sort of butterscotch note) and some dutch processed cocoa in the finish when pulled on the Pavoni.

i'm going to try pulling some shots of the Rwanda Karaba as well as the Nicaragua Segovia. i think we should see interesting results.

as a general rule, i'm finding that accuracy of grind is incredibly important on this machine - more so that with any other machine i've used. and there is a sequence of steps and techniques which does work - but variance from this optimal methodology results in issues (to say the least).

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