i worked the last two days downtown. it was very cool.
two different types of shifts. yesterday was steady rocking business, today was sporadic, with the rushes being pretty insane. both were fun.
my shots seem spot on. it's always been my strength - and continues to be what i rely on.
my milk is getting better. texture is getting better (in part due to Stephen's training) and my latte art is getting much better as well. milk is hard if you're not working shifts with regularity i find - plus milk has always been my weakness. but i feel like the rosettas are getting more defined and more structured and there is more symetry in the design now.
and two different crews as well. yesterday was a cool crew, but today was a sort of all-star crew. fun fun fun.
and there were some good customers as well. Kyle and i both were pouring rosettas in macchiattos, which was fun, and then a guy came in and ordered one and Kyle poured a pretty damn amazing design for him. now... to be fair it was a single and to be fair i steamed the milk, but still it was awesome. and the guy, after drinking it, said it was the best macchiatto he's had in his life. very nice to hear.

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