everyone has been asking what this "dream job" in Portland is.

I'm going to be working for Stumptown Coffee. I'm both excited and honored.
Stumptown is one of the companies I admire the most in this industry. Their coffee is fantastic, they are a wonderful and ethical employer and the people there are super passionate, skilled and nice. And, of course, they make kick-ass espresso. I honestly consider them to be one of the three best coffee companies in the United States.

Technically, my title is something like General Manager, Retail.

I can't wait.
I'm so excited. I'm so nervous... it's all too much!!

In the meantime, I'm getting prepared not only for the move to Portland but also for my trip to Iceland for the Nordic Barista Cup. It should be incredibly cool.

I'm also trying to finish up some tasting notes for various commercial espresso blends.

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