back from Portland

so i'm back from Portland. back from NASCORE. back from coffee heaven...

i've got thousands of things to write about - and hundreds of pictures to post. so i'm going to break this up over the next few days.

i'll start off with some general, overview impressions.

first - the coffee industry is filled with the nicest, most interesting and intelligent and perhaps the most fun people in the world. it was incredible. the list of great people i met would go on for ages. suffice it to say that we're all really very lucky to be working here.

second - we all owe a huge debt to a bunch of particularly amazing people. first and foremost is the awesome Michelle Campbell. without her, none of this would work. i don't know how she does it. second is Brent Fortune - he threw the killer party at Crema afterwards. third is Duane Sorrenson - the de-facto coffee mayor of Portland and our host for many fun times. Stumptown rules.

third - the highlights of the weekend (for me)... the single origin shootout at Stumptown. an incredible experience. eye-opening, rewarding, challenging, intense, enjoyable, tasty, hysterical... wow! Jon Lewis' performance at the WRBC. if you saw it, you know what i mean. tasting Kyle's drinks at the comp -- inspiring! and finally... sitting at the bar at Stumptown with various baristi and coffee freaks, drinking brilliant espresso drinks and coffee prepared by Duane and talking shit on the morning after the show. a true community.

lovin' it.

a couple of pictures to serve as teasers....

Aaron and Alexarc judging

Single Origin Shootout (Duane, Dismas, Stephen, Marcus and Ellie)

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