it's weird... knowing i'm in my last days as a barista at Spellbinder, but not able to tell anyone. i really wish that the owners hadn't requested i wait to tell folks.

i don't know if i'll be a barista after then next few weeks. it's a strange, and sad, feeling. i love the job. i'm going to miss it. a lot.

i guess i should think about getting a home espresso machine. but it's just not going to be the same.

or maybe someone will want to open a high-end, gourmet espresso bar in the Eastern Sierra.

work today was bittersweet as a result. the espresso was pulling beautifully - thick, rich, spicy with a strong dark chocolate note. the volume of crema was awesome, the tiger striping to die for. but the whole time i'm thinking, one less shot i'll pull - one less drink i'll build.

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